Changing and transforming businesses for 20 years

Organisations often use a blend of skills from Governance, Portfolio and Service to top up their existing project or programme team. They often make do and can get stuck.
We have been in the change, transformation and programme / project delivery space for 20 years
We will transition to BAU, but day to day service management is not our role
We will understand what makes the organisation tick but we are not the leaders, but we can help drive the change you need
Most organisations, when a programme gets behind will eventually ask for help from those that have been there.
There are usually a number of quick fixes to shore up confidence, to put some robust Governance, reporting to understand where improvements are needed
Generally experience, and the ability to quantify through a health check, creates a recovery plan in about 20 days
The barriers, risks, concerns can be resolved and confidence across the rest of the organisation restored
The reason we can say that is because we have been on that journey before and there are remarkable similarities