Giving the Cloud a silver lining?

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Cloud Technology implementation needs better control for Boards to get full benefit.
What I am hearing is that the tide of technology is changing so fast that many are struggling to keep up.
• Identity, data, and threat management is improving at speed
• AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are emerging
• Legacy data is often still in transition
My experience at 3 top Global players confirms this with:
• Sponsors absent, leaving teams without leadership
• Lack of Programme co-ordination impacting team spirit, direction and pace
• Leadership by Technical Architects for a key business transformation
Top Sport is a benchmark for all brands to aspire to, for as sportsmen and colleagues move up to more complex challenges, everything gets faster with more at stake.
• You get sharper, fitter, leaner and much better
• You have control at all times
• The team is transparent, collaborative and careful

My experience of how to control your implementation reflects sport for:
1. Vision and Plan
2. Core delivery
3. Landing the service.

1. Vison and Plan
Global Business Strategy of the executive and sponsor defines requirements for a baseline plan
• The challenge is to get the whole team focused on the critical path
• The collaborative team have tasks but must be aware of the wider challenges
• CEO to office cleaner have roles and responsibilities in a mature and valued structure
A tight cage of Governance can control the pressure and resolve escalations

2. Core delivery
Once you kick off from the baseline, you need a robust method to get pieces and parts to glue together
• Leadership, relationships and discipline can pull the whole team through when the inevitable major challenges come
• Recognise the dynamics of day to day activities, from stage and sponsor reviews,
• Great players in your resource will still have to make the right decisions in the moment
A War room, with simple rules provide a command centre for ordered debate, review and resolution

3. Landing the service
Users want data to flow securely as they move to become business winners:
• Do they trust product creation, access and use?
• Variation in knowledge and affinity of different generations, makes this a tall order
• Onboarding needs minimal teething problems, as we ramp up
Too many challenges will eventually impact user confidence and benefits

Elite athletes resolve these problems, with an amazing attitude and a performance that shines
How are you changing your attitude in implementing cloud, or other similar programmes?
More on Sport as a solution in my next blog

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