Figure of 8 – Products

Products   Fig8no3

To manage all projects (planned and in flight), you need a list of existing and future products.  They are positioned on a roadmap, depicting the journey to the vision.3marketservice


We need to define both the products that make money (eg an App for ecommerce) and the products that get them there (eg the infrastructure that holds the App).  The products sit within the business case, balancing investment and benefits.  Once approved, a traceability matrix will track and monitor to the quality required, before being transitioned into service to generate profit.  Attention to quality and control of risk is key.


  1. Outline definition of products, with quality attributes, with the percentage of the business need you can afford.
  2. Understanding of the way the traceability matrix will work.
  3. Update of your Risk log.


  • Potential revenue of products in the market.
  • Your ideas for balancing demand and supply.


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