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We put client vision, clear analysis and innovation at the heart of our thinking.  

Threemen Associates bring the highest standards of best practice to improve:

·         Teams struggling with reduced resources, aggressive timelines and quality criteria 

·         Disconnected programmes failing to communicate across locations and cultures

·         Confusion caused by complex and ineffective governance.

You need someone to join your organisation at your level or below, with the expertise and confidence to make changes, streamline processes, and ultimately leave your teams well equipped to carry the project forward competently.  

“You identify important things that are damaging the programme as a whole, and also identify them at exactly the right time and take short, sharp corrective action with a minimum of fuss.  I suspect most people didn’t even recognise the problems let alone realise that they were being corrected!”  (Technical architect, insurance sector)

“Both teams felt greater involvement and empowerment by the end of the assignment, reducing the risk of dependence on individuals and making the best use of individual talent.”  (Director of New Media, NHS Direct)

As practical project programme and change consultants, we have added value to organisations through:

·         adopting Office Of Government Commerce best practice to assess the most appropriate delivery of the portfolio, programme or project 

·         ensuring that each outcome meets or exceeds business objectives and expectations

·         Communicating success criteria and responsibilities throughout to achieve effective results

·         working to your requirements and timescales, ensuring that you remain in control of costs and commitments at all times.

·         flexible delivery in everyday and challenging circumstances, using the latest technology. 

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