Do you fear for the future of your project?  

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Let’s look at some key concerns.

How do we manage confusing governance, caused by a failure to manage plans, technology and process?

We assess exactly what you want from your project management office (PMO) and project data and then standardise the approach. We’ll establish full project discipline to enforce the standards, and track action points from meetings to keep the project focused. With large programmes and projects, PMs need access to a business intelligence system that’s fit for purpose.

Key individuals and teams can’t agree on our project vision, and we’re losing focus. What can we do to pull the project back on track?

If the original picture has become blurred because of a lack of agreement between key individuals and teams; we’ll identify your objectives, and go back to project startup basics to bring all visions, blueprints and project initiation documents into alignment.  We’ll also get sign off from all stakeholders, giving a measurable portfolio management structure with flexibility to cover all eventualities.

How do we overcome individual preferences for methodologies, standards and processes?

It’s a common problem; confusion between methodologies (eg between RAD, Prince 2 or DSDM) causes problems. We’ll make sure that you use the right methodology for your organisation. And we’re always happy to answer your questions; give us a call.

How do we deal with office politics?

We may be unclear about who actually influences what, and we’re finding it difficult to move the project forward.
Responsibility across Directors, Managers and team members needs to be balanced. Directors rarely manage by exception, unless they are confident that everything is on track. Introduction of clear roles and responsibilities using a RACI approach  is effective at carving out responsibilities; we’ll help you establish these at project startup and achieve engagement at all levels.

How can we make our project meetings more effective?

You must be clear about the purpose of your meetings to get the right results.  Resist the temptation to attend purely for political gain.  Effective governance is driven by clear actions and outcomes.

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