Whether recovering, transforming or delivering in your business, who can you trust?

Bob is an award winning Programme Manager with 20 years of successful Global and UK recovery, improvement and delivery – across brand leaders, government and different cultures in teams of up to 400 and budgets to £40M. Bob has the ability to gain trust quickly and set structure to deliver up to and including director level.

Programme and Project recovery

My experience has grown over 14 years of contracting with leading UK companies and Government, recently within partnerships.  I am able to build trusting relationships on sound business, programme and personal principles.

Successful teams are built on this, effective delegation on a clear line of authority, with support as required, that creates the right communication.  Respect is widespread.  Governance cements this approach and is the precursor to a focused trackable plan.

There has been a real shift to Agile Delivery recently.  Agile is often preferred over waterfall, but without proper Governance, progress can stagnate.  Success needs care, organisation and discipline as  planning can be difficult and resourcing can be tricky.  If focused with a balanced and experienced team, velocity can improve iteratively.  Wrapping MSP, M_O_R  and PRINCE 2, ITIL around Agile provides the best results.

Managing risks reduces issues and constant re-enforcement and continual improvement takes quality products into service.  Service is about transitioning in the right products at the right time, followed by the right review cycle.

Complex programmes can become difficult and often need fresh eyes.   Areas to tackle cover Governance, risk, product life cycle, planning… but relationships and will become productive, once focused on the right realistic targets.  Reversing the trend, starts with transparency of sound principles and building confidence, across the team.

Bob’s last 3 roles, over the last 3 years have been about providing stability to organisations that have a strong desire to deliver a vision, but lack the experience to make it happen.   Bob can get things back on track for you.


Key pillars to structure change in terms of vision, process, scope and the journey, are fine in theory, but can be tricky in practice.  Establishing a journey or roadmap gives the whole organisation a clear structure for change.  Frequently the curse of redundancy frightens employees and delays decisions.  Understanding the future vision, associated benefits provides the business case viability, and oils the wheels of progress.

As a scientist, squeezed by realism, you need to build the transformation on solid foundations.  Your target is understood and will produce benefits from a series of actions and changes that create efficiency.

Collaboration in partnerships, with combined skills driving a concerted change, can bring benefits to all. Transformation is often a forced action (print to digital, better Highways, reduced salmonella poisoning, better healthcare solutions) or significant  benefits are possible, such as NHS Direct’s plan to get Sky to help market their brand.

DHL had the vision to put their 3 service hubs into one providing a single service centre in Prague.  Many loved the experience, Pragues lifestyle was an inspiration and maybe a catalyst to the collaboration.  Processes were aggregated, culture transformed and the Service won the ITIL project of the year – what a team effort, for a great company.

Many spend ages looking at the big picture, getting different skills on the same page, but struggle to create that roadmap that takes them on the journey.  Have you got your roadmap? Bob has extensive experience in supporting business transformation.

Portfolio Management

Selection and control of the right projects is a tried and tested process, which many organisations do not have in place.  Even if a simple structure is created, organisations benefit.  Directors get an overview of project progress and impact and the team make sure all the interdependencies are working right.

The value can be considerable, as demonstrated by an organisation who had committed themselves to a capital programme.  This absorbed most of the funds, that would have been better used to improve the current operation.  A balanced scorecard of relative merits of the different projects  pointed to significant risk in execution of the capital programme.  The choice was clear, capital build v resolving the here and now pain.

The barrier to change is often culture, not technology. Organisations need simple systems to select the right projects to deliver their vision, maintaining a risk, financial, ethical balance.  This provides a platform for cultural change.  Bob can make a  massive difference to your organisational change, almost immediately.

Project Management and Delivery

Project Management is thought to be straightforward.  This discipline for me is about experience and method.  Talking to good project managers is simple, they use the method as a vehicle to understand the challenges.  Delegation of authority ensures that work is parcelled up correctly, wheels are oiled, and the right energy used to mobilise baselined trackable plans.  DHL, BP and EDF give their teams strong processes and make projects simple to manage.  Organisations that fail,  often shortcut and loose the respect of their team on the journey.

The principles involved are similar to recovery, but smoother, with less risk, with possibly a more balanced team, because you have a bit more time to get it right.  With the wide sector and situation experience Bob offers means you will be in safe hands


Engagement, building relationships, understanding business models is the starting point that brings the right components (risk logs, Governance, Communication, Configuration management – traceability matrix) into a baselined plan.  Some organisations spend 80% getting to that point and regard the delivery itself as just following a plan.  Exceptions are escalated on tolerance, although when well planned this is rare.

The plan is being tracked and you just need someone to pick up the ball and get into service or to make the market for the product. Sometimes you need someone external to help you get there, even for a short while. Bob is perfectly placed to support.


Bringing the plane into land can be tricky, but plans must include service based activities.  You need to balance the landing of your target product(s) with preparing the service to meet the KPIs.   The smooth transition is based on experience.  The winners of the ITIL award at DHL went live without significant bugs, while other organisations had far more people and attention to detail.  Probably the wrong detail.  The DHL team were aligned, communication was built on truth and principles that everyone was happy to follow through respect.

Being in a team that has won the ITIL project of the year, means you can help in the service space. Bob can land a team to deliver against tried and tested principles.


Looking at the 20 projects and programmes I have managed, you realise the importance of good Governance.  Sometimes this is simple and informal, and that can be enough.  The future CEO of FSA told me just to tell them that, “he had asked for it to be done, and if anyone disagreed then refer to him”.  What empowerment, I never held people to it, but it gets around and the programme ran really well.   Any Director must see the value of formal Governance.  I have learnt the lessons from projects and programmes that have failed in the past, when buy-in is just not there and various excuses are given.

The foundation to all business is who is doing what and why.  Good structures in Bob’s experience create the right communication, process and culture.  The best organisations all have this and Bob can help you get there.


Bob is available for contract work on a short or long-term contract basis.

If you need support contact Bob directly:

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