Figure of 8 – Products

Products    To manage all projects (planned and in flight), you need a list of existing and future products.  They are positioned on a roadmap, depicting the journey to the vision. APPROACH:  We need to define both the products that make money (eg an App for ecommerce) and the products that get them there (eg the infrastructure that holds the App).  The products sit within the business case, balancing investment and benefits.  Once approved, a … Continued

Figure of 8 – Project & Project

PROGRAMME / PROJECT DELIVERY   This stage has three diagrams at a high, medium and detailed level that define the process at different levels. High level – conceptual to allow links to other components in the organisation Medium level – provides easy view of end to end process Detailed level – checklist of tasks to ensure successful project Moving into Practical tips from detailed theory? Did you find project management easy to get to grips … Continued

Our service

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About us – Services [  Our Approach]We put client vision, clear analysis and innovation at the heart of our thinking.  Threemen Associates bring the highest standards of best practice to improve:·         Teams struggling with reduced resources, aggressive timelines and quality criteria ·         Disconnected programmes failing to communicate across locations and cultures·         Confusion caused by complex and ineffective governance.You need someone to join your organisation at your level or below, with the expertise and confidence to make changes, streamline processes, … Continued