Lessons learnt from 15 years Transforming Top Brands

Is your Business Mental Health Sound? Imagine a Vision for 2025 to meet a part of your Mission through delivering products into a Service for your Market. How do you get there, safely, at pace, without risk? This could be: • Digital Transformation (Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Big data, Cyber…) • Organisational Transformation (Changing and sharpening your Service) • Business Transformation (outside the above) but how do you get there? Your Board may be nervous, Sponsor … Continued

Health Check

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HEALTH CHECK This page gives some tips on key factors when performing a health check from the market to the service. WHY:  To improve the standard of the end to end delivery and products for sponsors, executives and stakeholders WHEN:  It can be conducted at any stage to help grow the maturity of the organisation. WHAT:  Scope covers the end to end internal and external processes that constitute Governance, Portfolio, Programme / Project, Service Management … Continued

Figure of 8 – Strategy

Strategy   Organisations need a clear vision that the sponsor, stakeholders and project team have created together and agreed upon.  The Strategy is the pivot in the process, aligning to the market, with clear  product specifications; while also segmenting into deliverable targets. The mechanism to control this is the portfolio selection process that selects segments for scoped projects. The Board will want to: feed the corporate business plan into the forecast Profit and Loss account, … Continued

Figure of 8 – Portfolio

Portfolio     Portfolio Management selects the most appropriate ideas & products from the strategy, and then undertakes a selection process to pick the best to deliver into service.  It is at the tipping point of demand and supply and it’s customer is the vision. Project scope and targets are delivered from a Portfolio Selection process, that filters opportunities, as it passes along a criteria filled conveyor belt.  It picks the right items, in all shapes and … Continued

Does change take you out of your comfort zone?

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Most people are uncomfortable with change at the best of times, and in 2009 we’re making some tough decisions. We work with organisations facing complex change. Conflict between planning, buy in and business need often threatens delivery. In recognising this problem, successful organisations save time and, of course, cost and time. As a Senior Professional you need someone positioned at the right level in the business who can directly influence and deliver for you. Someone … Continued