Giving the Cloud a silver lining?

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Cloud Technology implementation needs better control for Boards to get full benefit. What I am hearing is that the tide of technology is changing so fast that many are struggling to keep up. • Identity, data, and threat management is improving at speed • AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are emerging • Legacy data is often still in transition My experience at 3 top Global players confirms this with: • Sponsors absent, leaving teams without … Continued

Lessons learnt from 15 years Transforming Top Brands

Is your Business Mental Health Sound? Imagine a Vision for 2025 to meet a part of your Mission through delivering products into a Service for your Market. How do you get there, safely, at pace, without risk? This could be: • Digital Transformation (Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Big data, Cyber…) • Organisational Transformation (Changing and sharpening your Service) • Business Transformation (outside the above) but how do you get there? Your Board may be nervous, Sponsor … Continued

Does anyone care about Brexit?

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As Brexit moves from ABCD to Exit before next year We should have A plan, not Burning platforms or Crises I fear Then Disaster recovery, with an Exit of some sort The key bit will be the effect on every port Technology gallops across the globe at a pace Time for the UK to focus its resource in the race Hirers, recruiters, candidates need to be aligned Governments need to balance the effort for mankind … Continued

Health Check

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HEALTH CHECK This page gives some tips on key factors when performing a health check from the market to the service. WHY:  To improve the standard of the end to end delivery and products for sponsors, executives and stakeholders WHEN:  It can be conducted at any stage to help grow the maturity of the organisation. WHAT:  Scope covers the end to end internal and external processes that constitute Governance, Portfolio, Programme / Project, Service Management … Continued

Market to Service: STAGE 1: Marketing

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Market to Service tracks us from the process of finding where your product would fit, into the Market, to delivering and transitioning it into Service. Market The journey starts with a Market analysis that defines the consumer demand over time, within the context of the  products the organisation can deliver: now, in the future, or too late for the market.  WHO: Reporting to a Programme Director or Executive Board, a business or marketing analyst. Work needs … Continued