Health Check

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HEALTH CHECK This page gives some tips on key factors when performing a health check from the market to the service. WHY:  To improve the standard of the end to end delivery and products for sponsors, executives and stakeholders WHEN:  It can be conducted at any stage to help grow the maturity of the organisation. WHAT:  Scope covers the end to end internal and external processes that constitute Governance, Portfolio, Programme / Project, Service Management … Continued

Market to Service: STAGE 1: Marketing

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Market to Service tracks us from the process of finding where your product would fit, into the Market, to delivering and transitioning it into Service. Market The journey starts with a Market analysis that defines the consumer demand over time, within the context of the  products the organisation can deliver: now, in the future, or too late for the market.  WHO: Reporting to a Programme Director or Executive Board, a business or marketing analyst. Work needs … Continued

Figure of 8: Market to Service: Step2 Mission

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Mission Many missions can become lost within daily activities, become absent altogether, which may  confuse internal and / or external audiences. In the context of delivery, the mission sits at the top of the pyramid, guiding the strategy and ultimately focusing the project. It must drip down on the management style, behaviours and culture. Everyone has their own view and the vision can easily be lost. A splintered vision can develop, and political influence will … Continued

Figure of 8 – Products

Products    To manage all projects (planned and in flight), you need a list of existing and future products.  They are positioned on a roadmap, depicting the journey to the vision. APPROACH:  We need to define both the products that make money (eg an App for ecommerce) and the products that get them there (eg the infrastructure that holds the App).  The products sit within the business case, balancing investment and benefits.  Once approved, a … Continued

Figure of 8 – Business Need

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Business Need   You must understand your forecast P&L for the next 3 to 5 years, so that strategy, resource capacity and capability can be planned. Business Need defines the demand and is used to create the vision which is linked to all the project deliverables and products.  The vision can easily be defined as a “postcard from the future”, that explains your path to deliver your targets, as if you are there already.    This … Continued